Springbox is an initiative of Amaltas, developed to connect corporate funders of development with NGOs working at the grassroots so that the community benefits. We work as an intermediary between the corporate and nonprofit sectors to encourage effective investment in long-term CSR projects.

India seeks to establish itself as a country of growing economic and political stature. However, it is widely acknowledged that the benefits of this growth are not equitably distributed across communities and people. While the government sector provides many resources to India’s diverse population, it is clear that the social, health and development sectors require considerable additional investment, particularly in light of the diminishing, real value funding for these sectors. Those marginalised to the fringes of communities such as the disabled, women, sexual minorities, caste minorities, and the poor suffer continuing deprivation.

The Government of India has recently begun to encourage the involvement of the country’s private sector in a variety of charitable actions, with its most publicized initiative being the Companies Act 2013. This Act requires Indian corporates meeting certain financial criteria to set aside two percent of their average net profit from the previous three fiscal years for CSR activities, as well as mandating annual reporting on CSR spending. Springbox has professionals with years of experience in the development sector and a culture of professionalism. We serve as matchmaker, reporter, capacity building support and general liaison to ensure that both sides get the best from each collaboration. Our database helps to identify the right NGO for each development result, our support ensures that proposals are written up for successful grant making, and world-class systems provide assurance that the results are genuine and auditable.

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