Knowledge translation is integral to the work that we do at Amaltas.

The twin roles of research and consulting allow us to be responsive to requests for support as well as to apply academic rigor to our practice, not usual among consulting organizations. Each of our assignments provides us the opportunity to develop methodologies and approaches that can inform the wider development community. Amaltas has a rigorous quality control process associated with its consulting and research practice. The organization has developed a reputation for high quality support that is delivered on time and to the satisfaction of the commissioning agency.

As a serious development institution, Amaltas believes that the translation of knowledge gained by it from its technical work into policy and practice, is a seminal contribution to its mission to accelerate the development trajectory.

Amaltas has been actively engaged in developing and maintaining several innovative platforms for exchanging intellectual capital such as the Delhi Dialogues. Amaltas has a number of publications to its credit such as books, reports, advocacy papers and other documentation. From its inception, Amaltas has produced Working Paperss which are designed to provide our comment on important issues in development and as such constitute policy briefs.

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