The Amaltas Ethics Review Board (ERB) has been formally constituted to approve, monitor and review social sciences research that involves human subjects. The ERB was established in January 2014 with the aim to further the rigor and ethical standards of research. It is chaired by Dr. Roli Mathur, Division of Basic Medical Science, Indian Council of Medical Research and has 6 members.

The Amaltas ERB provides independent review and guidance to research teams to safeguard the principles of voluntary participation, harmlessness, anonymity, and confidentiality and to ensure that risks posed to subjects are minimal. The ERB has been constituted with the purpose of assuring that the social science research is conducted in an ethical manner, and follows high quality operating procedures. Study plans are reviewed both prior to initiation and at periodic intervals to ascertain whether appropriate steps have been taken to protect the rights and welfare of the subjects in a research study.

The Amaltas ERB is open to applications submitted by interested social science research teams.

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The Ethics Review Board at Amaltas comprises of the following members -

Dr. Roli Mathur - Chair
Dr. Roli Mathur is a Scientist D & Program Officer with the Indian Council of Medical Research.

Ms. Niti Sudhakar - Vice-Chair
Ms. Sudhakar is a member of the Bar Council of Delhi. She is a Partner at DGS Associates.

Mr. Jagmohan Singh Kang - Member
Mr. Kang has over 35 years of experience in the development sector. He is presently Senior Vice-President at Amaltas.

Ms. Nupur Barua - Member
Ms. Barua is the Deputy Head, South Asia Research Hub at the Department for International Development.

Dr. Suneeta Singh - Member
Dr. Suneeta Singh, a trained medical doctor, is the Chief Executive Officer of Amaltas Consulting Private Limited.

Ms. Jessica Sethi - Member
A sociologist by training, Ms. Sethi is a Business Development Manager with a private company.

Ms. Rhea Chawla - Non-member Secretary
Ms. Kaur is the non-member Secretary of the Amaltas Ethics Review Board. Her training is in political science.