Amaltas has a vibrant Internship Program directed to young people in college or those who have completed their college education.

Students from institutions all over the world have taken advantage of this opportunity in the past several years. We have received interns from Yale University, USA; Swarthmore College, USA; University of Warwick, UK; XIMB, Bhubaneswar; Amity University, NOIDA; IILM, Delhi, etc. The Internship Program provides a hands-on experience of research, consulting and implementation assignments with prestigious funders. Interns get a chance to work with marginalized communities, contribute to research design and learn to generate and analyze quantitative and qualitative datasets.

Past interns have contributed to projects such as the ICT for Health project for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Evaluation of the Ecohealth Program of IDRC-AusAID-CIDA, Springbox etc. Interns work on ‘live’ projects and contribute to the ends that Amaltas seeks to serve, namely to build world-class knowledge and systems that can help improve the lives of people in India and globally.