Springbox links the corporate sector to the nonprofit sector through trust building connects to deliver deeper and more sustainable changes.

Amaltas has been designing, monitoring, and evaluating social sector projects since 2007, and every year insights from these experiences have underscored one primary need – the need for all stakeholders to be on the same side, the side of bettering the human condition. It is through corporate-nonprofit partnerships that milestones such as the elimination of polio in India, the establishment of the 108 emergency service, and the creation of savings and credit for poor rural women have been achieved.

The power and potential of uniting minds on a cause has been the driving force behind Springbox. Bringing the best of India to India’s service is our motto. Having directly observed the enhancements in reach, quality and impacts of projects driven by multi-sectoral partners, Amaltas set up its Springbox initiative. Springbox is supported by the Amaltas Consulting and The Research Group practice arms of Amaltas.

Springbox has professionals with years of experience in the development sector and a culture of professionalism. We serve as matchmaker, reporter, capacity building support and general liaison to ensure that both sides get the best from each collaboration. Our database helps to identify the right NGO for each development result, our support ensures that proposals are written up for successful grant making, and world-class systems provide assurance that the results are genuine and auditable.

You have decisions to take, and Springbox can help:

  • We help you identify causes aligned to your company’s CSR priorities – from installing clean water systems to educating HIV orphans – anything you consider deserving of your attention.
  • We connect you to credible nonprofit organizations. Vetted on transparency and credibility parameters, our growing database of implementing nonprofits enables us to connect you to those who work with the people and in the regions you wish to support.
  • We provide capacity building support to nonprofits for enhancements in their program evaluation and reporting practices, resulting in improved monitoring and impact evaluation.
  • We help you comply with the Companies Act 2013, including all statutory reporting requirements.

To learn more about Springbox and what we do, please contact us at info@amaltas.asia or at 011-4063-4810.