India and other developing countries are at a crucial crossroads in development. As resources become more accessible, these countries are beginning to redesign their systems for social sector service delivery, taking account of changes in market structure and technology. The main actors that have an influence on this unfolding history are the government, the private sector, international agencies, and not for profits working in this space. It is with the aim of accelerating the development of a caring policy and practice environment, that Amaltas Consulting has been constituted.

Amaltas Consulting has been designed to build intellectual capital to support the process of development. Some tasks involve documenting the learning from actions taken in the past; others relate to the development of new interfaces such as public-private partnership models and/or replicable methodologies; and still others require strategy development or policy support in the social sectors.

Amaltas personnel have led, and contributed to, many such activities. By collaborating with the government, not for profits, policymaking institutions, donors and international organizations, Amaltas Consulting undertakes the following activities:

  • Scoping of vision and strategy
  • Strategic & medium term planning
  • Institutional appraisal and design
  • Communication for advocacy and behaviour change
  • Monitoring and evaluation support
  • Training management systems
  • Capacity development programs
  • Private public partnership models