Based in New Delhi, India, Amaltas is an organization born and located in the global South. Amaltas takes active part in the development dialogue of the region. Our team has a fine-grained understanding of constraints and opportunities of the environment of Low and Middle Income Countries. Amaltas works with the full range of actors in the development space including international agencies, national and state governments, the corporate sector, and nonprofit and for-profit entities working in the social sectors.

Staff at Amaltas has had rich experience in the development and private sectors. We have a wide range of skills, from leading teams to support international, national and state agencies and projects, to grassroots implementation. Our top-notch professionals bring a fresh approach and innovative ideas to bear upon developmental issues, while leveraging the many years of operational experience of senior personnel to lead and frame solutions. Our development professionals are drawn from an array of disciplines and trained in universities in India and the West.

Amaltas has the support of a large pool of associates who bring with them rich experience and are outstanding professionals in their respective fields. We have established associations with several individuals and organizations, which extends our skills profile. We believe that partnerships with like-minded organizations and individuals will help in establishing a strong network of development professionals who will move our agenda of development forward.