The Bash@Amaltas is a gathering of Amaltas’ partners, encouraging them to forge new acquaintanceships and partnerships. We believe that the development agenda needs to be set by the democratic processes held by stakeholders in the alleyways of life. The Bash@Amaltas provides such a setting, mixing people from different worlds together and forcing them to confront the many different ways in which the development agenda is framed. At the event, we showcase one organization that works on a subject that Amaltas supports. In the past we have showcased Tatsat, a privately-run shop that sources goods from NGO to sell in the retail market; Sahara, an NGO working with marginalized populations; Asmita, a theatre group that focuses on social issues in its works; Saurashtrian Artists, Darshana and Ratilal Kansodaria, who use embroidery and bronze to make their comment on rural situation; and Akshay Pratishthan, an organization that has worked tirelessly in support of children with intellectual challenges.