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Amaltas -an international research and consulting organization- brings new thinking to thorny, complex development problems. Over the last decade and a half, Amaltas has generated intellectual capital and brought innovative approaches to bear on its projects. Its portfolio bridges sectors such as public health, social development, sustainability, diversity and inclusion, governance and justice, women’s issues, water and sanitation and research quality.

Amaltas works with a span of technical bodies and funders including UN bodies such as WHO and Unicef, the World Bank, IDRC and Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to generate innovative strategies to reduce poverty and inequity. We help governments and donors to monitor performance and assess the impact of their work. We work with research bodies to explore research quality and conduct high quality research projects. We collaborate with corporate and NGO partners to establish a strong network of development actors that can move the development agenda forward. We produce independent work that informs policy making and builds the momentum for development.

Through evaluation, management advisory, documentation and research, our work has had substantial impact on policy and strategies of organizations and countries. Our advice has shaped large government and non government programs, improving the lives of people in low and middle income countries including India. Work carried out under the Rural Water Supply and Sanitation program of Cambodia has led to the adoption of an Amaltas-developed monitoring system for progress tracking. Apart from representing the work done by India on HIV and AIDS prevention to the UN General Assembly Special Session, applications written by us have yielded substantive funding from multilateral donor organizations to the Government of India. Our research and documentation on inclusion of the sexual minorities has found attention from communities in other countries, as well as the National Human Rights Commission of India. Partnership with IDRC has led to greater understanding of the meaning of 'research excellence' and has informed their systems to measure the quality of research funded by them.

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